Keywords Everywhere is a freemium browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that provides valuable keyword insights for SEO and content creation.

Main Features

  • Search Volume: See search volume for phrases to understand popularity and demand for keywords.
  • CPC: Get info on average cost per click, useful for marketers.
  • Competition: Gauge difficulty of ranking for keywords based on competition level.
  • 12-Month Trend Data: Understand changes in keyword popularity over past year.
  • SEO Difficulty Metrics: Get perspective on keyword competitiveness.
  • Related/Long-Tail Keyword Widgets: Get additional keyword suggestions.
  • Export Options: Save and export keyword lists.


Simplifies keyword research and provides comprehensive understanding of user search behavior. Can be used to analyze competitors’ top pages, extract keywords from SERPs, and target niche customers.


The tool is praised for enhancing keyword research, content optimization, and organic traffic generation.

here is the video to get familiar with the tool…